1 Natural stone along with Engineered stone (such as CaesarstoneTM) and Porcelain products (such as Dekton) could have all or some of the following imperfections:
a. Natural stone varies greatly. Samples &/or images viewed are only an indication of colour & vein.
b. There are different degrees of polish from one piece of stone to another.
c. Fissure &/or craze marks are evident throughout the material. Initially these may not be visible but may become apparent sometime after installation due to construction movement and moisture absorption.
d. Resin fill or (cement based where required) is used throughout the entire process of stone preparation.
e. GITANI STONE reserves the right to patch, fill, reinforce and repair breaks &/or chips due to natural defects or caused by physical force. Open veins are common in natural stone (particularly veined marble). Occasionally these veins may split open.
f. Pitting varying in size is evident throughout the stone surface.
g. All care is taken to match veining within 1 slab. A perfect match is not possible from 1 slab to another.
h. Some slight stepping along the joint (also known as
lipping) may be present due to the irregular surface of the stone.
i. Variation in stone thickness is common. 20mm, 30mm etc. are nominal dimensions and are nominal thicknesses.
j. Joints are inevitable. An indication for the location of joints could be given, but final decision is made by GITANI STONE at any stage of the project. (Joints are within the following tolerances 2.5mm +/- 1mm).
k. Some edge details can be substituted for a similar one due to the characteristics of the stone selected.
l. Overhangs are very rarely consistent and will vary to allow the installer to obtain parallel joints with adjoining pieces.
m. Stone work will ONLY be caulked to a finish painted surface and finished joinery. At no time is GITANI STONE responsible for scribing stone to meet out of square walls or caulking to these areas.
n. All stone is susceptible to staining. GITANI STONE does not undertake to seal the natural stone PRODUCTS against staining unless stated in writing. It is noted the etching, dullness or water marks may still occur in the stone even though the PRODUCTS may have been sealed to prevent staining.